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Crazy running is not a healthy exercise method, exercise can not only pursue the quantity.

walking and running are the simplest workout methods. In recent years, with the popularization of health awareness, more and more people begin to "open their legs", record their sports status with mobile phones, and "step by step" in the circle of friends. Among the participants, there are many more than twenty thousand or thirty thousand steps. Is it just that the more you walk or run, the healthier it is, what is the way of walking and running in science?

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drying steps from the initial application of WeChat, WeChat users as long as the WeChat attention to WeChat sports public number, the system will automatically record the user a day how many steps to go, how many kilometers, and built in the rankings and other friends "under a showdown". Friends can praise each other, ranking first will be the object of "worship".

, with the popularity of the "step number", many people began to download special recording software to record their daily sports results. According to statistics, more than 15 kinds of software are downloaded with more than a million, some of which have been downloaded even more than tens of millions.

by walking and running to fitness, this is a good thing, but in this "mutual supervision", seems to change the taste: many people and friends than to walk, and even turned the "runaway" family, not to do the most, but more. Over 50 years, Yang aunt, retired at home easy, since the small square runaway after exercise every day, and the age of the sisters "Dou step", feel very fun, can not long, Yang aunt gradually felt tired, waist and knee pain.
, who worked in finance, started her drying journey at the beginning of her fitness decision. After dinner, she went jogging near the lakeside of the community. But for some time, Miss Liu felt that his legs were like a sandbag, without strength, and his knees often had a dull pain.

movement can't pursue the amount of

's life lies in sports, and "the number of steps" does have a certain incentive to urge people to do their daily exercise. But if you ignore your own physique, you will not be able to lose it. The following misunderstandings are particularly serious.

is a lot of walking. "The amount of exercise is not as big as possible, and the excess can make the immune function damaged," Wang Jun said. When people exercise vigorously, they will produce more adrenaline and cortisol and other hormones. When these hormones increase to a certain amount, the ability of spleen to produce white blood cells will be greatly reduced, resulting in the reduction of cell activity in lymphocytes.

is fast. Some people feel a lot of sweating, walking and running are very fast. "For walking and running, strength is speed," he said, too strong, easy to hurt. There are more common knees.

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